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Lightning Arrester 18 Years

Lightning protector, surge protector quality supplier

  • Earlier in the country engaged in lightning protection manufacturers

    Engaged in technology development, technology transfer, technical services, technical consulting, electrical equipment

  • Lightning protection device exports to more than 60 countries

    Providing quality lightning protection products to customers around the world

  • Advanced lightning protection laboratory

    Implement IEC 61643 international standards to ensure that surge protectors are qualified at the factory

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Lightning protector, surge protector quality supplier

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Lightning protector, surge protector quality supplier

Company Culture

The company's aim: to study quality, excellence
Quality policy: people-oriented, quality and efficiency, technology first


The company will, as always, adhere to the principle of "seeking truth" and "innovation"."Beyond" corporate policy, dedicated to providing you with first-class


The company established a sound marketing system and implemented the brand Marketing and network marketing" a complete development strategy

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Adderss:Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province

In the new 21st century, enterprises are in the process of competition and development, opportunities and challenges coexist, seeking development, and prospering have become the consensus of the business community。 。。。

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Technical Services

Lightning protector, surge protector quality supplier

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